Moths, Butterflies and Wildflowers

The Conservation and Education team have been out and about over the past couple of months.

Thursday 21st of July saw us at the old Firgrove Tip on a beautiful summer’s day where we carried out a flower survey ( and a few butterflies as well). It’s an amazing place! We found 88 species of flowering plants and 12 species of  butterflies.

You can check our list here. Plants at Landfill Site Firgrove 2018, Butterflies at Landfill Site Firgrove 2018. Thanks to Sheila for organising it.

Saturday 26th of May was a very different activity. At the end of a very cold and wet week, nineteen of us actually had a lovely morning learning how to collect and identify moths. Pete Knowles facebook comments sums it up:

Moth Morning 26/05/18. Struggled all week to catch any moths with such cold night temperatures until friday night when there was a decent turn out. Also local expert big Jim Taylor brought a few down. Nice morning nice people. 19 students in all but dont know if it was the moths or the bacon butties that attracted them. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

And Jim Taylor also got his ‘lifer’, the Beautiful Snout

plus much more.