Rochdale has about 4% of Greater Manchester’s semi natural broad-leaved woodland, within which there a significant amount of ancient woodland, i.e. woodland in existence on the site prior to 1600. Examples occur at Healey Dell, the Ashworth and Cheesden Valleys, and Lords Wood at Hopwood.

Lords wood is predominantly a Birch-Oak woodland but has some planted Beech, Turkey Oak and Lime along its border.

The lower Pennine slopes include steep often wooded Cloughs protected from grazing by their steep sides. The Cheesden and Naden Brook valleys are dominated by Sessile Oak with Rowan, Hawthorn and Hazel among the understorey. Whittaker Wood consists of Oak with some Sycamore and Beech.

Other woodlands include, Healey Dell, Alkrington Wood, Hopwood Wood, Syke, Scowcroft, Sudden Brook, Wince Brook, Roch Valley, Hollingworth Lake Woodlands, Summit Quarry, Calderbrook Terrace, Barkers Wood and Irk Valley.

The borough is also home to numerous parks such as Queen’s Park in Heywood, Springfield Park, Broadfield Park, Milnrow Park and Littleborough Park where many more native and ornamental broadleaf trees may be found.

Trees recorded as present 2016-2017