Over recent years the number of species of Damselfly and Dragonfly has increased as their ranges expand north, including the elegant Banded Demoiselle which frequents the Roch.  A good selection of butterflies can be found, including the Wall Brown which maintains a stronghold on the moorland fringe.

The Rochdale Canal supports the native White-clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes), whilst the rare and declining wetland mollusc, the Pond Mud Snail (Omphiscola glabra) is to be found in some of the ponds around Kingsway. The snail is now classified as vulnerable by the IUCN. It is thought that the species may well be under recorded and Rochdale Field Naturalists are currently carrying out a survey in collaboration with PondNet to determine its presence. Pond Mud Snail information sheet

The Society has also been collaborating with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to determine the presence of Bumble Bees in the borough, and in particular with Bee Walks in Mandale park in the centre of Rochdale. You can see the results for 2016 and 2017 here. Bumblebees 2016-2017

Invertebrates recorded as present in 2016-2017