Brown Argus, First for Rochdale !

A Brown Argus has been recorded in Rochdale for the first time,  according to Peter Hardy County Butterfly Recorder. In fact it is only the second time it has been recorded in Greater Manchester, the first being in 2009.

The butterfly was spotted by field naturalist Pete Knowles on what was once a fly tipped piece of ground that has been converted into a species rich meadow thanks to Pete and his group of friends. The team have been working on the area, known as Stoney Hill for several years but have only been recording the butterflies for two years.

I’m delighted to have found this butterfly as it proves that all our hard work in creating the meadow was worth it. It shows that we can bring wildlife back to our urban areas if we are prepared to put in the effort; said Pete.

Pete has also recorded a host of other butterflies and moths in the area. He thinks the Brown Argus, which is usually found to the south and east of the country, may be migratory, and may have wandered north possibly  due to climate change.