Bee Walks

For some years now, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust has been using amateur volunteers to monitor bumblebee populations all over the country by undertaking regular Bee Walks. We have been involved for the last two years and hope to continue and we need a few more volunteers.

Our walks take place in Mandale Park, close to Rochdale town centre. It’s an interesting place; once it was a landfill site, but it’s now hoped to change it into a nature reserve.

The walks involve moving along a fixed route about a mile long, recording all bumblebees and honey bees seen within six feet of the route. No experience or expertise is necessary; there are only five common species of bumblebee and they are all fairly distinctive, so people quickly learn to identify them.

The BCT likes walks to take place monthly from March to October, in fine weather. We walk on the closest fine day to the 27th of each month. Once I see a detailed weather forecast I email all the volunteers to let them know the date and time, and everyone who can come meets at the entrance to Mandale Park. Working in this way we need a reasonable pool of volunteers, and a few more would be very welcome. If you would like to be involved, please contact Pamela Jackson via

Our 2016-17 results can be seen here.

Bumblebees 2016-2017