Fun with Ferns – Oct 8 2017

The Fun with Ferns afternoon at Healey Dell proved to be both interesting and educational. Thirteen people were shown by Peachy Steve, our instructor, how to identify the most common ferns to be found around Rochdale. After giving us a short introduction we then proceeded to find a few ferns around the car park at Station Road and have their distinguishing features pointed out to us.

This was then followed by a walk into the Dell and along the viaduct when we were quizzed on how much we’d learned! 


We’d all become experts, particulary with identifying Broad Buckler Fern with its large basioscopic pinna,  and the Scaly male fern with  ‘cut edged’ pinna!


Several different species were seen including, Broad Buckler Fern, Lady Fern, Common Male Fern, Scaly Male Fern,  Soft Shield Fern, Bracken, Hard Fern, Rue, Maidenhair Spleenwort and one of the Polypodies spotted by Eileen.

The afternoon finished with tea and cakes over a discussion of what we’d found. 

It was particularly nice to welcome back Barbara Waddington on one of her trips north, and to meet with Jasmine Jackson.

Many thanks to Linda and Brog for supplying the refreshments, and to everyone who turned up.