Big Butterfly Count – August Project

As with the Dragonfly survey we’re joining in with another organisation for our August project.  Butterfly Conservation are running the The Big Butterfly count from 14th July to 6th August. Simply count butterflies for 15 minutes during bright (preferably sunny) weather on any of these dates. This time of year has been chosen because most butterflies are at the adult stage of their lifecycle so more likely to be seen. Records are welcome from anywhere: from parks, school grounds and gardens, to fields and forests.

If you are counting from a fixed position in your garden, count the maximum number of each species that you can see at a single time. For example, if you see three Red Admirals together on a buddleia bush then record it as 3, but if you only see one at a time then record it as 1 (even if you saw one on several occasions) – this is so that you don’t count the same butterfly more than once . If you are doing your count on a walk, then simply total up the number of each butterfly species that you see during the 15 minutes.

You can submit separate records for different dates at the same place, and for different places that you visit. Remember that your count is useful even if you do not see any butterflies or moths.

Details are to be found at  Big Butterfly Count.